Olbermann does the math to show Trump has lost too many supporters to have won in the first place

Olbermann does the math to show Trump has lost too many supporters to have won in the first place

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Broadcaster Keith Olbermann discovered a nugget of information in a new ABC/Washington Post poll that may offer even more hope for Democrats riding high after yesterday’s unexpectedly strong electoral showing.

“Buried, is one heartbreaking, earthshaking statistic,” Olbermann noted. “Even with the ground below him transforming into quicksand, ABC and The Post found that of those who say who they voted for Trump, 91 percent say they would still support him.”

“That seemly tiny number — 9 percent who would not vote for Trump today — would have been enough to prevent this. To prevent the greatest tragedy in American history,” Olbermann noted.

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Olbermann they extrapolated Trump’s decreased support in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. Without moving any votes to the Democratic Party column, Olbermann simply subtracted the 9% as if they had voted third party or stayed home.

Hillary Clinton would have won all four battleground states, capturing 75 additional electoral votes. Trump would have also lost Arizona and North Carolina and even an electoral vote in Nebraska, Olbermann explained.

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