Florida prof decries ‘toxic masculine capitalism’ of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Florida prof decries ‘toxic masculine capitalism’ of ‘Beauty and the Beast’
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[Ed. – Well.  At least someone finally noticed.  It is tempting to wonder if these academic journals are started just so faculty can write a bunch of interchangeable trigger-word copy and then list on a c.v. how they got it published.  One hates to be so cynical, but there it is.  Not that Beauty and the Beast didn’t need a good Critical-Theory wirebrushing.]

Bryant Sculos, a professor at Florida International University, argues that the Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” films are riddled with “toxic masculine capitalism.”

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” films have “plenty of aspects,” Sculos argues in a rambling, incoherent article for the academic journal, Class, Race, and Corporate Power.

Sculos teaches in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Florida International University. He was recently a postdoctoral fellow at the Amherst Program in Critical Theory at Amherst College. … In a passage that barely mentions the films, Sculos seemingly attempts to link all social ills to capitalism. He even manages to squeeze in a jab at President Trump:

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We are taught by our society that to be a man is to embrace competition. To be a man is to never be weak or naïve. To be a man is to be in control. To be a man is to be violent (whether virtual or real), especially when it isn’t really necessary. …

Toxic masculinity is not some alt-Right aberration, though its most extreme manifestations have fueled the alt-Right’s, and de facto Grand Wizard Donald Trump’s, rise. …

Sculos saves most of his condemnation for the story’s villain, Gaston, who serves as the archetypal example of “toxic masculinity.” Sculos argues that Gaston is a mix between embattled ex-pharmaceutical industry executive Martin Shkreli and President Trump. He refers to Gaston as having a “necrophilic existence.”

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