Biden: Obama said he’d appoint me president if he could

Biden: Obama said he’d appoint me president if he could

[Ed. – Obama wasn’t very good about letting that stop him, so one has to wonder how sincere he was in this case.]

The revelation is in his new memoir, Promise Me, Dad, in which Biden tackles his decision not to run for president, his struggles as he faced the death of his son, Beau; and the foreign crises in Iraq, Ukraine, and Central America that occurred while he was vice president.

While explaining the events that led up to his son’s death, Biden said that Obama would have made him president if he could.

“By late 2014, we were walking after lunch and Barack said: ‘Joe, if I had the power of appointment, I’d appoint you president,'” Biden told the New York Times.

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According to the Times, Obama was subtly convincing Biden not to run in the 2016 election.

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