America the laughingstock

America the laughingstock

[Ed. – Without disagreeing that U.S. policy in the region is misguided, I do think Middle Eastern actors have a sense that it’s just not “about” America now — because so many of the Pax Americana conditions have collapsed in the last 8 years.  I think they see the world not through a post-1945 Westphalian lens, but through varying focuses of an older, less secularized and eschatologically antiseptic lens.  The sense that the God of the universe is at work is coming to the fore, and in some ways, the modern West is the last to see that.]

Hamas and Fatah are right to feel contempt for the US. As events this week proved yet again, there is nothing they can do that will cause the Americans to rethink their support for the PLO and whomever they are in bed with. …

Today, thanks to the US, the Iraqi military is well-trained and well-armed with advanced US weapons. And thanks to former president Barack Obama, the well-armed and well-trained US supported Iraqi military is controlled by Iran.

And as such, it poses a threat to the US, to US allies and to the region that far exceeds the threat Saddam posed in 2003.

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The very fact that the Iraqi government and military, which owe their existence to the US, are willing to collaborate with Iran is in itself proof that the US is perceived as at best a paper tiger. …

On Wednesday, The Washington Free Beacon reported on documents secured by Republican lawmakers that show just how powerful a force Iran and its terror armies have become in Iraq.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, a veteran of the war in Iraq, showed a photograph of Shi’ite militiamen operating US M1 Abrams tanks draped in a Hezbollah flag. Another photo showed IRGC Maj.-Gen. Qassem Soleimani with US-backed Iraqi militia leaders.

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