Ex-Clinton campaign manager: ‘We’ve got to move beyond 2016’

Ex-Clinton campaign manager: ‘We’ve got to move beyond 2016’

[Ed. – Don’t tell us. Tell your former boss.]

Robby Mook, former 2016 campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, spoke with Anderson Cooper tonight about revelations in Donna Brazile‘s book about the DNC nomination process.

Cooper pressed him on how the people on the Sanders campaign “believe that things were rigged against them.” Mook responded, “I think it’s dangerous to say this contest was rigged for the following reason.”

He went on to say that Democrats can’t be “fighting each other” and even claimed, “The idea that the DNC could rig a contest frankly is laughable.”

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Cooper told Mook tonight it seemed like Brazile was “more than happy to cozy up to the Clinton campaign,” but now she has a book to sell and may be trying to “spin… this yarn.” (He also mentioned that infamous town hall question Brazile leaked to the Clinton camp.)

Mook again said he doesn’t want to re-litigate the past, telling Cooper, “We’ve got to move beyond 2016.”

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