Barack Obama explains why he’ll no longer take selfies with people

Barack Obama explains why he’ll no longer take selfies with people

[Ed. – Oh, no! How will the world keeping spinning?]

Barack Obama has made an executive decision when it comes to being asked to take selfies with fans. He and former first lady Michelle Obama veto all such requests.

“For Michelle and myself, no selfies,” the former president told the audience Tuesday during opening remarks of his two-day Obama Foundation Summit aimed at stoking the passions of the next generation of community organizers, according to DNAInfo Chicago.

“This seems trivial, but it’s not. One of the weird things about being president is I found people were no longer looking me in the eye.

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“They approach me either like this, or like this” Obama added, mimicking phone-waving selfie-takers.

And he pointed out to the crowd of young activists, that means they aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

“To see young people organizing in states all over the country through social media is amazing,” said Obama. “But blocking yourself from having a conversation or seeing somebody and recognizing them and listening to them because you are so busy trying to get a picture … then you are, I think, in some ways, contributing to what separates us rather than trying to break through.”

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