Is ‘Weinsteining’ getting out of hand?

Is ‘Weinsteining’ getting out of hand?
Leon Wieseltier (Image: Brookings Institute)

[Ed. – The verb to Weinstein to appear in dictionaries in 5, 4, 3….]

Although Weinstein’s shunning has been universally cheered, many journalists (both women and men) have expressed much more mixed feelings — at least in private — about the “Weinsteining” of literary critic and writer Leon Wieseltier, formerly an editor at the New Republic. Last week, Wieseltier’s new magazine project was torpedoed by allegations that he had sexually harassed a number of female employees; a few days later, the Atlantic magazine dropped him as a contributing editor.

Unlike Weinstein, film director James Toback or television journalist Mark Halperin, Wieseltier is not accused of sexual assault or coercion but of what Michelle Cottle, writing in the Atlantic, calls “low-level lechery”: sexualized comments, from compliments on a tight outfit to banter during work-related conversations, and unwanted kisses — mostly on the cheek or forehead, on a few occasions on the lips. (He has not denied the allegations and has offered a general apology.)

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