Trump tweets ‘death penalty’ for NYC jihadi; reporter angry he didn’t say same about Vegas killer

Trump tweets ‘death penalty’ for NYC jihadi; reporter angry he didn’t say same about Vegas killer
Dead and deader. WSJ's Eli Sokols wishes Trump would urge the death penalty for white killers - even if they're already dead. (Image: Screen grab of MSNBC video via MRC TV)

[Ed. – You can’t make this stuff up.  The Las Vegas murderer is, of course…already dead.]

Host Nicolle Wallace and the rest of the guest panel led off the show by diving straight into the topic of Trump’s public support for executing Sayfullo Saipov. For the most part, they stuck to criticizing Trump’s off-the-cuff attitude when slinging out tweets and how the President’s specific comments about the NYC terrorist might hinder his prosecution. However, when Wallace turned the conversation to Stokols, the WSJ reporter couldn’t help but to psychoanalyze Trump and his supporters as violent, bloodthirsty racists and Islamophobes (emphasis added by NewsBusters)…

ELI STOKOLS [reporter]: … I think, you know, when you look at what he’s [Trump] doing, there is a consistency in his response to these kind of situations, to terrorism when the terrorism appears to be carried out by somebody who’s from an Arab country, Muslim country, not from the United States. … the unifying thread is the sort of broader politics of Donald Trump, the ethnocentric nationalism. He did not react this way when a white person shot dozens of people in Las Vegas. He did not come and say: well, we have to do an immediate policy change; we need to give this guy the death penalty.

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