Dallas restaurant draws P.C. fire for bathroom signs

Dallas restaurant draws P.C. fire for bathroom signs
Endorsement, or joke? You decide. (Image: Twitter (Dom DiFurio) via HuffPo)

[Ed. – Alternatively…the signs could be seen as showing that the management endorses Caitlyn Jenner’s self-perception of having actually become a woman.  Or — yet a third way of looking at it — the signs could be offensive to women who don’t think you can be manufactured into womanhood (cf. feminist Germaine Greer).  Wouldn’t these perspectives be equally valid?]

Dallas Morning News editor Dom DiFurio posted an image of the bathroom doors at Dodie’s Place Cajun Bar & Grill. The doors were decorated with photos of transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner, pre- and post-transition, to indicate the men’s and women’s rooms, respectively. …

Using Jenner’s photographs in this way trivializes the internal struggle and gender dysphoria many transgender individuals face. Being transgender does not mean that someone was simply once one gender and is now another. …

[T]he restaurant indicated it is preparing a statement on the signs.

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