Campaign fin. doc proves VA Dem Northam coordinated disgusting anti-Gillespie ad with PAC

Campaign fin. doc proves VA Dem Northam coordinated disgusting anti-Gillespie ad with PAC
Ralph S. Northam (Image: Richmond Times-Dispatch)

[Ed. – Not a surprise.  The people Northam has run with from the beginning have had a penchant for this stuff.  A few months ago, Obama was supposed to make his splashy return to the political stage by campaigning for Northam this fall.  But for some reason, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him on the trail in Virginia.]

On October 17, Northam’s campaign received two in-kind contributions in amounts of $23,475 and $2,870.10 from the Latino Victory PAC (LVP), described as “advertising” and “media.” On November 1, the Northam campaign reported receiving a large pre-election in-kind contribution from the LVP for $62,729.60 for “media.”

According to the Virginia State Board of Elections’ Summary of Laws and Policies for Candidate Campaign Committees, Section 4.2 “In-Kind Contribution vs. Independent Expenditures,” the statute reads, “To qualify as an in-kind contribution, the candidate or an agent of the candidate’s campaign committee must have either expressly requested or suggested to the person or committee that the expenditure be made, or the candidate or an agent of the candidate campaign committee must have material involvement in devising the strategy, content, means of dissemination, or timing of the expenditure.”

The LVP in-kind contribution on November 1 means that Northam’s campaign was directly involved the strategy, content, and timing of the LVF ad, if there was no coordination the contribution would have been reported as an independent expenditure.

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