November 2017 tax cut will lead to Trump victory in 2020

November 2017 tax cut will lead to Trump victory in 2020

[Ed. – Money talks.]

The House’s adoption of the Senate budget resolution sets the stage for a YUGE Trump second-term victory in 2020. This congressional action allows for the passage of a $1.5 trillion tax cut—and that will lead to record job creation and robust economic growth. Republicans in the House and Senate must come together over the next three weeks and pass major tax cut legislation so the United States can once again be the leading economic engine of the world.

Since Donald Trump was elected, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has added more than 5,000 points. Last week, it closed above 23,000 for the first time. That’s over a 30% increase, which directly benefits pension and retirement plans all over the country. To put that in dollar terms, the total U.S. stock market has increased in value by over $5 trillion since the election.

The stock market is pricing in the growth-friendly policies Donald Trump campaigned on, and its strength can only be maintained if tangible legislation to roll back taxes, regulations and bureaucracy is enacted.

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