McConnell-linked PAC taunts Breitbart for falling site traffic

McConnell-linked PAC taunts Breitbart for falling site traffic
Mitch McConnell

[Ed. – This kind of sums up a lot of things.  The Senate Leadership Fund should know that changes in policies at Facebook have caused a big drop in ALL conservative websites’ traffic in 2017.  That’s along with the drop everyone in the information business experienced after the 2016 election was over.  Regardless, the taunting is unworthy of a group that aspires to exercise political leadership to shape the Senate.  And whenever the comeback on this stuff is “But Trump…!” — the answer is, “No, dear.  But YOU.” If you want to frame yourself as better than Trump, you have to start by actually being better than Trump.]

A group linked to Senate Majority Leader [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] (R-Ky.) echoed President Trump’s tweeting style Friday to slam the Stephen Bannon-led site Breitbart News for falling traffic numbers.

“Failing @BreitbartNews: traffic plummets 20% this year, desperate for attention! SAD!” the group wrote on Twitter to its 472 followers from an account called Senate Ldshp Fund.

The Senate Leadership Fund is an independent super PAC allied with McConnell.

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