Kentucky bill allows people to save pets from hot cars without paying for damage

Kentucky bill allows people to save pets from hot cars without paying for damage

[Ed. – The intentions are good, but it’s not hard to imagine a situation involving the car owner and good Samaritan where things go terribly wrong.]

A bill being introduced in Frankfort could keep people from paying up if they try to save an animal from a hot car.

Kentucky State Senator Morgan McGarvey is sponsoring a bill that would expand an existing law allowing people to break into a car to save a child without paying for the damages.

The bill would add language to include protections for rescuing domesticated animals.

“If the windows are cracked, if the temperatures haven’t reached that sort of level, you’re gonna be talking to someone in charge that says ‘hey wait’ what does the scenario actually look like,” McGarvey said.

Janie Davis of Louisville has some reservations about the plan.

“I would be concerned about people going overkill with it,” Davis said. “A lot of times the dog might legitimately be in the car and be perfectly safe.”

McGarvey says the bill only allows people to use the amount of force necessary and reasonable.

“As long as you’ve called the authorities, you’ve tried other ways to rescue the dog,” McGarvey said. “You won’t be held civilly responsible.”

Ann Torres of Louisville thinks the bill could make people think twice before leaving their pet in a hot car.

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