Why are conservative talk mavens silent on Sessions’ failure to probe Obama-Clinton scandals?

Why are conservative talk mavens silent on Sessions’ failure to probe Obama-Clinton scandals?

[Ed. – A fair question.  I have wondered if there are investigations going on that we don’t know about — because if they were announced, the efforts of Establishment Washington to squelch them would leave carnage stretching across the fruited plain, and bodies a mile deep.  But it’s not so easy to keep such probes a secret from the insiders inside the Beltway.  So it’s an open question, and one that matters.]

Yet now, after all the thousands of hours of skilled analysis and sometimes Churchillian rhetoric, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and their Conservative Talk kin appear to be content, watching their efforts to expose the Stack of Miscreants go wasted, because Jeff Sessions has decided to just let it slide. Where is their eloquence on this single point of failure? …

In July, the refrain from Conservative Talk, responding to Trump’s (admittedly juvenile) bout of anti-Session twittering, was “give a guy a chance” and “let him do his job.” …

The articles and blog posts calling for Session’s resignation are multiplying (and not just in American Thinker).  The once kindly looking old legislator now appears in internet images like an age-enfeebled, slightly creepy looking version of Stewie Griffin (ala “Family Guy”).  Except when Stewie’s around, there’s no lack of action. …

But from Conservative Talk:  Nothing doing.

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