Mass. liberals try to destroy small business after owner photographed with Trump

Mass. liberals try to destroy small business after owner photographed with Trump
Dave Ratner via Legal Insurrection

[Ed. – Evil to those who think evil.]

A small business owner in western Massachusetts is facing boycotts and hostility because he appeared in a photo at the White House with President Trump.

For weeks now the left has defended NFL players, saying they shouldn’t have to choose between their political views and their jobs. Now we’re back to the situation Christian bakers found themselves in over the gay marriage debate.

Laurie Loisel reports at the Boston Globe:

Dave of Dave’s Soda and Pet City posed with President Trump. Now he’s under fire

Business owners in Western Massachusetts apparently associate themselves with the 45th president at their peril.

Just ask Dave Ratner, owner of Dave’s Soda and Pet City, a small chain of shops selling the unlikely combination of pet supplies, birds, fish, and beverages for humans. Ratner attended President Trump’s signing of an executive order authorizing changes to the Affordable Care Act designed to create cheaper — and less comprehensive — health insurance plans. An Associated Press photograph of the event, with Ratner smiling broadly behind Trump, has come back to haunt him, big time.

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