Air Force punishes colonel for not personally affirming same-sex marriage

Air Force punishes colonel for not personally affirming same-sex marriage

[Ed. – Told you so.  A couple of passages from my (J.E.) baseline post on this more than 8 years ago.

How would we be advancing the readiness of our military by requiring the commanders to specifically affirm the soldiers’ sexual orientation – which gay service advocates insist, incidentally, is not relevant to military performance?

We wouldn’t, of course.  But who thinks flag and general officers would be allowed to pick and choose which group affirmations they signed their names to?


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Nor could we assume that a commander who remained neutral or agnostic on a subordinate’s advocacy activities, rather than embracing them, would be backed by his seniors in his effort to avoid distraction, or extraneous declarations.  It is, rather, reasonably certain that his chain of command, once the civilian level was reached, would require him to make gestures of positive endorsement.

One more:

In the case of openly gay servicemembers, the risk is created of others’ military careers being held hostage in two ways:  first, to politically correct affirmations about the sexual orientation of peers or troops; and second, to the possibility that professional evaluations of troops will be litigated on the pretext of accusations about discrimination.  These are separate vulnerabilities, which may occur together, or separately.

I was called an alarmist at the time.  Quite literally everything I predicted in that 2009 post has since happened.]

The Air Force has punished a highly-decorated and respected colonel after he refused to publicly affirm the same-sex spouse of a retiring subordinate.

Col. Leland Bohannon, who was on the verge of being promoted to a one-star general, was suspended from command and orders were handed down recommending he not be promoted.

“His career is likely over and he will likely have to retire as a colonel instead of as a general,” First Liberty Institute attorney Michael Berry told the Todd Starnes Show.

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