National Sheriffs’ Association: California ‘just outlawed crime fighting’ with sanctuary state law

National Sheriffs’ Association: California ‘just outlawed crime fighting’ with sanctuary state law
The new neighbors. Inmates in California state prison in Chino. (Image via AFF)

[Ed. – The sheriffs are right.  They don’t have the resources to deal with the criminal illegals who will increasingly clog their streets when they — the sheriffs — are not allowed to turn the illegals over to ICE.  Cooperation with ICE is a key safety valve for local communities, and California has just made it illegal.  Instead, meanwhile, federal agents will have to significantly increase their patrol posture in local communities in California — a situation ripe for abuse, and evolution toward a future none of us should want.]

As reported on Monday, the 20,000-member sheriffs’ association has condemned the state’s new “sanctuary state” law (The California Values Act) for being both “dangerous” and “reckless.” Appearing on the Fox News Channel Wednesday, NSA Executive Director Jonathan Thompson warned that ironically-named Values Act actually prohibits law enforcement professionals from fighting crime:

“This is reckless. The irony of all this is they just outlawed crime fighting in California.

“And, they did it with something called the ‘Values Act.’ And, that’s what’s really troubling to most of us – because the values that the legislature and the governor are honoring are those of thugs, rapists, murderers and serial criminals.

“And, this is what’s really dangerous.”

Thompson blamed “Obama holdovers” in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for thwarting President Donald Trump’s efforts to protect Americans…

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