‘Morning Joe’ calls for limiting Trump’s ability to command nuclear forces

‘Morning Joe’ calls for limiting Trump’s ability to command nuclear forces

[Ed. – This really is going beyond the bounds of legitimate dissent.  Joe Scarborough is taking unsubstantiated claims by NBC about Trump’s supposed view of the U.S. nuclear arsenal — claims that have been categorically rejected by everyone in a position to know — and using those claims to make wildly destabilizing suggestions for congressional action.  This is effectively an attack not just on the U.S. government but on the basis of global order.]

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough continued on his crusade against Trump by calling for Republicans on Capitol Hill to consider taking potentially unconstitutional legislative action that would seriously hinder President Trump’s power to command America’s nuclear defense forces. In so doing, Joe painted Trump as a genocidal maniac on the brink of destroying the whole world.

The show started out with a brief clip from a Morning Joe segment first aired in August 2016 in which Scarborough claimed that an anonymous “foreign policy expert” told him that Trump had repeatedly asked that same source: “why can’t we use [nuclear weapons]?”

The panel then launched straight into a discussion of a new NBC News report that asserts that Trump expressed interest in procuring a great deal more nuclear weapons for U.S. arsenals during a briefing that he attended at the Pentagon on July 20th of this year. … (The titular claim of this report has already been denied by both Secretary Mattis and the Pentagon’s official spokespeople.)

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