There sure is an effort to keep Congress from knowing more about the ‘Trump dossier’

There sure is an effort to keep Congress from knowing more about the ‘Trump dossier’
Robert S. Mueller III. (Image: Screen grab of Fox News video)

[Ed. – Lifson wonders if the background on the dossier is the Rosetta Stone for understanding “Russian manipulation” of our election in 2016.  I doubt it.  If it were, why would everyone with ties to Comey be trying so hard to keep Congress from seeing it?  The likelier factor is that it’s the Rosetta Stone for understanding what Obama and Hillary were doing in 2016.  Maybe that did involve the Russians — but the narrative could not be that the Russians were manipulating THEM.]

Could the story behind the “Trump dossier” be the Rosetta Stone of Russian manipulation of our electoral process in 2016?  There is a strong and justifiable suspicion that the dossier was the critical bit of evidence that persuaded the FISA Court to reverse itself and permit monitoring of American associates of Donald Trump.  The dossier was originally begun as an opposition research project for Republican rivals of Trump, then funded by Democrats, and allegedly finally funded by the FBI.  We already know that some of the wild accusations in it were demonstrably false. …

As my friend Mike Nadler emailed:

It’s hard to believe with a Republican president, House and Senate, that the FBI (with a Director appointed by Trump) is still able to stonewall Congressional investigating committees on information on the dossier.  Why won’t the new FBI Director just order his subordinates to cough up the documents?  Or the Attorney General order him to do it.  No one could claim that ordering release of this would be interfering in any investigation[.]

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