Unreal: Cambridge U. college uses image of Auschwitz death camp on welcome leaflet

Unreal: Cambridge U. college uses image of Auschwitz death camp on welcome leaflet
(Image via Cambridge News)

[Ed. – The dean of Emmanuel College says the image was inspired by a student trip to Auschwitz, and was meant to highlight evil in the world, a subject that would be taken up in the “Welcome Service.”  Sorry, no one is that fatuous and naive.  I think most of us perceive by now how much lunacy there is out there.  Stay safe, friends.]

The use of a picture of the infamous Auschwitz Nazi death camp on the cover of a “welcome” leaflet for students at a Cambridge University college has angered some within the college community.

The offending image was displayed on the front of a programme welcoming students to prestigious Emmanuel College.

The college has apologised over the use of the photos of the gates of Auschwitz, bearing the slogan “arbeit macht frei” (work makes you free), the Cambridge News reports. …

Emmanuel’s Dean, Rev. Jeremy Caddick, struck back at critics saying any suggestion the picture was some kind of “sick joke” about the Holocaust as “infuriating.”

The Dean said the “iconic image of evil” was paired with his welcome sermon, highlighting the evil in the world and the self-sacrificing steps people can take to resist it.

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