Bill Maher explains why only white people get away with gun violence

Bill Maher explains why only white people get away with gun violence

[Ed. – “Get away with”?  White men (rarely but occasionally women) who commit mass killings get dead.  Or get sentenced to the death penalty or life in prison.  Just like any other kind of people.  The difference between the U.S. and most other places throughout history is that everyone gets the same benefit of the doubt — which is why we don’t assume all (take your pick of “minorities”) are about to commit the next heinous homicide, any more than we assume all white people are about to do it.]

“Guns is the one issue where if you can’t see the difference between the way blacks and whites are treated on guns then you’re probably racist,” Maher said to his panel.

He brought up Judge Roy Moore’s rally where he pulled a gun from his pocket and waved it around. Maher then asked his guest, former Sen. Harold Ford Jr. if he could have done the same thing as a black man running for the U.S. Senate and Ford admitted he could not.

Even the response to Paddock has been different, according to Maher.

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“If it was a Muslim it’d be about the ban,” he said about a hypothetical shooter. “If it was a Mexican it’d be about the wall. And I feel like, when it’s a white guy it’s like, ‘We don’t know how this happened.’ I feel like it doesn’t get to be an isolated incident if you’re a minority. It’s always — this guy was from a broken home, his father was a criminal. That would be a big deal on Fox News, I feel like.”

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