In firing Tom Price, Trump just did what Obama never could

In firing Tom Price, Trump just did what Obama never could
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[Ed. – Accepting blame and telling a bureaucrat ‘you’re fired.’]

Trump just accepted the resignation of disgraced Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s a great move. What’s more, by cutting Price, Trump has shown a leadership that Obama never would.

For one of the first times in almost a decade, the buck has stopped at the president’s desk. Where Obama deflected controversy, Trump accepted responsibility. His guy screwed up, and Trump owned up to that failure by firing the guy he chose. Compared to Obama, that’s downright presidential. Consider the following. …

When Mexican drug runners gunned down Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010 with a firearm they bought through the Fast and Furious program, Obama had no knowledge of the situation. Rather than aiding the investigation, the president would later invoke executive privilege to hide documents from a House committee. And Obama never publicly reprimanded Attorney General Eric Holder, let alone fire him. Obama’s top cop would keep his job until censured by Congress.

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