Study: Obamacare unaffordable in 2018 – by its own standards – in 47 of 50 cities

Study: Obamacare unaffordable in 2018 – by its own standards – in 47 of 50 cities

[Ed. – “On average, a family of three will have to earn a six figure salary for coverage to be affordable.” On average, of course, a family of three DOESN’T earn six figures.  It’s more like a little over half that.  Meanwhile, none of the people I know well is seeing a mere 20% rise in premium costs.  One, who is barely getting by on a teacher’s salary, is being hit with a nearly 300% increase in premiums, and expects to have to opt out of private insurance altogether.  Her premium increase — not the total premium, just the 2018 increase — is bigger than her mortgage payment.]

In 47 of 50 cities in 2018, the cost of Obamacare’s lowest-priced plan would be deemed “unaffordable” by the Affordable Care Act’s own definition, according to a study from eHealth, Inc.

Under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance becomes unaffordable when the lowest-cost plan costs more than 8.16 percent of a household’s gross income. …

The study evaluated families with two adults and one child in 50 cities who were paying the lowest-price plan in 2017. The study then applied a 10 percent increase to premiums to project the rates seen in 2018 and found that in 47 of those cities, coverage would be unaffordable. The increase that the study projected was moderate, since many have estimated that premiums could increase by as much as 20 percent next year.

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In addition, these families would need to incur an extra $28,939 before the plan became affordable. On average, a family of three would have to earn a six-figure salary—or $110,823.32—for coverage to be affordable.

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