NYT’s useful idiocy: Maoist communism taught women to ‘dream big’

NYT’s useful idiocy: Maoist communism taught women to ‘dream big’

[Ed. – Self-deception can in the end be the cruelest of all. Memo to NYT: we’re getting awfully close to the end.]

As the calendar gets closer to the 100-year anniversary of Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution, The New York Times once again is proving itself Communism’s greatest apologist.

It has published a series of opinion pieces glorifying the most brutal ideology in human history by first arguing that women had better sex under socialism to now claiming China’s Communist revolution taught Chinese women to “dream big,” as if the ghost of Walter Duranty, who whitewashed Stalin’s brutality as the Moscow bureau chief of The New York Times, is still calling the shots. …

Aunt San was my mom’s youngest sister and the prettiest one. She was only 15 when she and her siblings were sent to the countryside, but they weren’t allowed to stay in the same village. The communists wanted to sever family ties so people could devote themselves 100 percent to the Communist Party’s causes. …

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No matter how hard she worked, she received the same amount of food rations as others. The food ration wasn’t enough even for a girl, so she suffered famine edema, painful swelling caused by malnutrition.

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