Why are NFL knee-takers angry at Trump? He gave them what they wanted

Why are NFL knee-takers angry at Trump? He gave them what they wanted

Americans seem to have a hard time coping with getting what they want. Example: Target Inc. changed their bathroom policy, and straight, non-trans males with axes to grind started using the women’s bathroom to prove a point. Some made videos. Supporters of Target were outraged at this abuse of policy. But was it abuse? People were using the bathroom free of the constraints of gender, isn’t that what they wanted?

Then there’s the NFL players who are taking a knee, and their supporters on social media. They are angry about President Trump tweeting about them. Why? This is what you wanted, isn’t it? National attention, a huge clash of points of view? What do liberals always pine for? Oh right, a “national conversation.” Well … you’ve got one.

Now that you have it, wouldn’t it be logical to talk about your issue? The one that was the reason Colin Kaepernick gave for starting this protest in the first place? I would think that. I would think “well, I’ve got the mic now, so I can talk about this thing that is the reason why I even did this.” But of course, that’s not what people are talking about, is it? …

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