Don’t forget the North Korea-Syria connection

Don’t forget the North Korea-Syria connection

[Ed. – Which is still live, heaping discredit on both Kim and Assad.]

When people think of the North Korean threat, it understandable for people to concentrate their thinking on North Korea’s nuclear warheads and the intercontinental ballistic missiles attached to them. History has shown, however, that this regime might attack the United States in more subtle ways. …

Although the Israelis destroyed the Syrian reactor, the fact is that Syria was able to keep this reactor secret for years. The North Koreans have a long history in Syria (and Iran) in providing weapons and technical expertise.

In 2017, at least two shipments bound for Syria have been intercepted. The Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation (KOMID), which is North Korea’s principal conventional arms dealer, was working with Syrian front companies. The shipments were destined for Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC). Since the 1970s, the SSRC has been responsible for Syria’s chemical weapons program.

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