Bernie Sanders’s next bold step: A ‘wealth tax’

Bernie Sanders’s next bold step: A ‘wealth tax’

[Ed. – Isn’t there already a ‘wealth tax’?  The top 1% of income earners pay nearly half of all federal income taxes.]

You’re probably already aware of the growing popularity of Bernie Sanders among the furthest left wing of the Democratic Party. (Ironic, since Senator Sanders fled the party and re-registered as an independent as soon as his presidential bid ended.) One of his most often discussed proposals lately is a single payer health care scheme involving “Medicare for All.” The big sticking point on that plan is the almost unimaginable price tag that goes along with it and the question of how he plans to pay for it.

Sanders was largely mute on that subject until just recently. But now he’s gingerly stepped forward and begun to sketch out at least one way to raise part of the money. It’s an old chestnut from the socialist movement having some fresh life breathed into it, known as a “wealth tax.”(Buzzfeed)

When he introduced his Medicare-for-all bill last week, Bernie Sanders also put down on paper the idea he’s been talking about, sometimes loudly, sometimes with caution, other times not publicly at all, f0r more than 20 years: a “wealth tax” in the United States.

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