MSM upset that their expected access to SecDef Mattis has declined. ‘War on the press’?

MSM upset that their expected access to SecDef Mattis has declined. ‘War on the press’?
James Mattis (Image: YouTube screen grab via Marines)

[Ed. – The full article is worth reading, as long as you understand that it’s a long way of stating that the mainstream media were accustomed for many years to an entitlement to access.  After the first couple of months of being sabotaged by these same media on a daily basis, the Trump administration cut back their access.  We saw it in the White House; it’s also the case in the Pentagon.  Couple that with Mattis’ different background and personality — not a pol, lawyer, or businessman like previous SecDefs — and what Politico complains about makes sense to the observer out here.]

Pentagon reporters are complaining of decreased access to Defense Secretary James Mattis, as well as a reduction in journalists allowed to travel on official trips, at a time when the Trump administration is dealing with national security challenges from the Middle East to North Korea. …

Under previous administrations, all three wire services — The Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse — had typically been allowed to cover each trip made by the defense secretary. But that hasn’t been the case under Mattis. In response to the Pentagon excluding a Reuters correspondent from an upcoming trip, a spokesperson for the wire service declared that the decision “breaks with decades of standing practice.”

At the same time, Mattis appears to be becoming increasingly wary of the press, said an administration official close to the situation.

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“There is a growing perception by Secretary Mattis that the media is trying to pit him against the president and deliberately misinterpret the things that he says,” said the administration official.

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