Angry SJWs raid Western Civ classroom because course is ‘Eurocentric’

Angry SJWs raid Western Civ classroom because course is ‘Eurocentric’

[Ed. – Well…yeah.  Western Civ tends to focus on the civilization of Europe.  It’s really time to just pull the money plug on all this BS.]

A large group of angry social justice brats at Reed College in Portland stormed a Western Civ classroom to protest the course because it is “Eurocentric” and “perpetuates white supremacy.”

The group calls itself “Reedies Against Racism” but they ought to be called “Reedies Against Education” because they shut down the required class for freshmen and ran off the professor. The group started protesting the course last year and had remained silent while doing so. This year, they were back with their signs and their voices.

Video of the initial takeover (above) was published on YouTube. This was to be the class’s first lecture to a room of 300 eager-to-learn freshmen. Just as the panel got settled, the Reedies stormed in and grabbed all available microphones to declare why they were there. The professor quickly shutdown the class realizing it would be impossible to talk over the protesters, and the invited speakers all left the room. Before leaving, a female lecturer apologized to students, “Sorry you missed the chance to learn.”

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Soon, the room filled with dozens of protesters holding various social justice signage.

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