Social platform files anti-trust suit against Google over app exclusion

Social platform files anti-trust suit against Google over app exclusion

[Ed. – Don’t know if this will fly or not, as the issue cited doesn’t really seem to be an anti-trust issue, per se.  In any case, it’s shortsighted in the long run to demand that politicized repression of conservative voices in search engines  and social media be redressed by the government.  We don’t want more government intervention in our exercise of speech.  This is a worrisome trend.  A better answer is to think outside the box and engineer our way AROUND, or over or through, Google and Facebook.]

Free speech social media site Gab AI, Inc. filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Google for violations of the Clayton Act and Sherman Act. The lawsuit stems from Google removing Gab from its Google Play Android app store on spurious grounds of “hate speech” arising from posts by users.

Google did not accuse Gab of hate speech, but used third party content as a pretext to justify its own business ends. Gab, a startup, aims to bring “folks together of all races, religions, and creeds who share in the common ideals of Western values, individual liberty and the free exchange and flow of information.”

According to Gab’s attorney, Marc Randazza, Google’s conduct is a straightforward violation of the antitrust laws “Google Play and Android have monopoly power in the app store market, and Google’s apps YouTube and Google+ compete directly against Gab. Google’s intimate partnership with Twitter, which also competes against Gab, makes Google’s control of all Android apps available through the Play Store a serious restraint of trade issue.”

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