Study: Hundreds of non-citizens registered to vote in NJ – many unwittingly

Study: Hundreds of non-citizens registered to vote in NJ – many unwittingly
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[Ed. – Think about that “unwittingly” point.  If the non-citizens aren’t aware that they registered to vote — they’re not voting.  But someone else could be voting in their name.  Emphasis in original.]

A review of New Jersey’s publicly available voter records has uncovered hundreds of non-citizens registered to vote in 11 of the state’s counties.

In addition to demonstrating the scale of just one of many elements — non-citizen registrants — of the nation’s failure to maintain election integrity, the review found that three-quarters of the non-citizens had revealed their ineligible status to a New Jersey state official, who then presented and accepted the illegal forms anyway. …

The study covered New Jersey, but similar results should be expected in all 50 states.

The apparent cause of the situation is a consequence of requirements enacted by a federal law: former President Bill Clinton’s National Voter Registration Act of 1993, commonly known as “Motor Voter.” …

[O]fficials in New Jersey — and likely throughout the country — have been presenting voter registration forms to non-citizens.

And in the vast majority of the cases found by the study, this was not accidental: most non-citizens revealed their ineligible status — some even presented green cards — yet were given the forms anyway.

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