Hmm: Pakistani ISI reportedly infiltrated India’s BJP party – via IT operators

Hmm: Pakistani ISI reportedly infiltrated India’s BJP party – via IT operators
Abid and Jamal Awan, two of five members of the Awan family under investigation for violations of House Democrats' IT network. (Image via DCNF)

[Ed. – Up front: note that this story is from 11 February 2017, at the same time the Awans were being fingered for shenanigans with their Democratic IT clients in the U.S. Congress.  The article just came to my attention today.  The M.O. here is by no means identical to the IT connection of the Awans with the U.S. Democrats.  In India, the issue is apparently that IT workers set up a shadow military communications network to literally dupe Indian officials into communicating operational information to the ISI.  But the nature of the connection that enabled this feat is still interesting.  Don’t forget that Pakistan’s longstanding great-power patron in Asia is China.]

The arrest of 11 men by the Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad on Friday is turning out to be a political blame game in the state.

This after the opposition party in MP, the Congress claimed that one of the arrested men, Dhruv Saxena, who is said to be working with the BJP’s IT Cell.

Though the party has distanced itself from Saxena, images of him attending an event with Shivraj Singh Chouhan and BJYM district head Anshul Tiwari has since gone viral.

BJP’s trouble doesn’t end there, another arrested man, Jitender Singh, kin of a sitting BJP corporators. The Congress alleged that he is also closely associated with Union Minister Narendra Tomar and MP Minister Maya Singh.

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