He’ll pick the Establishment over Steve Bannon any day

He’ll pick the Establishment over Steve Bannon any day
CPAC 2017. (Image: Screen grab of NewsHunter29 video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Well.  It’s a position.  I have my differences with Bannon myself, including some significant ones.  But Cunningham focuses on Bannon’s take on “loyalty tests,” rather than focusing on principles and policy beliefs.  How angry you get over loyalty tests is a function of how critical — existential — you think the political situation is for the survival of America and Western civilization.  It is not, in fact, intelligent in 2017 to dismiss that concern as if it is evidently nonsensical.]

Bannon’s sins against conservatives, conservatism, and basic human decency are well known. He has all but ruined Andrew Breitbart’s name, used a major conservative outlet to force the alt-right into the mainstream, backed Donald Trump – who remains the single biggest mistake the conservative movement has ever made – from the get go, and all to give himself power, access, and prestige. …

So, anyone endorsed and supported by Steve Bannon should be a non-starter. Even if it is someone who agrees with all of my views 100 percent, if that person fully embraces Bannon, I will stand opposed to him or her. It’s that simple. Embracing and trading in on that power and influence means you’re tainted, and that is not what the conservative movement needs right now.

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