Latino snowflakes ask Cornell to punish frat for ‘build a wall’ chant

Latino snowflakes ask Cornell to punish frat for ‘build a wall’ chant

[Ed. – Free speech? Never heard of it.]

A Cornell University fraternity is being pressured into apologizing, and may even face disciplinary sanctions, after one its members was overheard chanting “build a wall.”

According to The Cornell Daily Sun, members of the school’s Zeta Psi chapter were overheard chanting phrases about “building a wall” and later about “building a wall around the Latino Living Center (LLC),” residents of which initially heard and filed complaints about the remarks.

Meanwhile, La Asociación Latina (LAL) published a statement condemning the comments, saying the LLC community was already under “a lot of duress” following the news of President Trump’s plan to cancel the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“To be met with such behavior in one of the only safe spaces on campus is infuriating, and LAL firmly denounces discriminatory speech,” the statement declares, demanding that Zeta Psi not only “issue a formal apology, with signatures from the entire executive board of the fraternity as well as the offending members,” but also meekly accept any “sanctions that may be placed against them and adhere to them strictly.”

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