Whoopi Goldberg: ‘We will never know’ why Hillary lost the election

Whoopi Goldberg: ‘We will never know’ why Hillary lost the election

[Ed. – Apparently she hasn’t been paying attention.  The Russians did it.  Well, except that Hillary was also sandbagged by Obama, Bernie, the media, and a long list of others.  Including Trump, who discombobulated her.]

Joy Behar even went so far as to claim that Clinton really did “win” the election, while Whoopi went into conspiracy theory land, saying we would “never know” why Clinton really lost.

The conversation started by discussing Bernie Sanders recent television appearance, where he told Clinton to essentially “move on” after she blamed him for losing the election. That morphed into a discussion on why Clinton lost, and what chances she had at winning.

Whoopi began with a confusing spiel that seemed to argue that it was Fox News’ fault for Clinton losing, because they attacked Obama while he was in office and that irreparably damaged the Democrat party so she couldn’t win:

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But let’s be realistic. Do you really think she was going to win? Based on everything that the Democrats did when they let Obama — left him out there floating and the flotsam and jetsam and all this stuff that Fox News did and all those folks.

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