Oops: Guess who Girl Scouts fear they’ll be losing recruits to

Oops: Guess who Girl Scouts fear they’ll be losing recruits to
(Image: San Gorgonio Council of Girls Scoute, "100 Years of Scouting," via Riverside CA Metropolitan Museum)

[Ed. – Think about it.  Girl training: resentment and victimhood.  Boy training: motorboating, radio operation, and firearms.  I’m just saying.]

We have the famously progressive, pro-choice-supporting Girl Scouts squaring off against the famously conservative and religious Boy Scouts over gender identity and integration. And guess which side each one takes? Wait for it …

The Girl Scouts of the USA have accused Boy Scouts of America of carrying out a “covert campaign to recruit girls into programs run by the Boy Scouts” in hopes of appealing to millennial parents and bolstering their declining membership, according to a letter they sent the Boy Scouts board on Monday. …

“Through various means we have learned that BSA is very seriously considering opening their programs to girls and we have made repeated efforts to engage with them and talk about the implications,” the spokesperson told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday.

I’m so old that I recall when people demanded that the Boy Scouts expand their membership to more protected categories, and when boycotts and marginalization were the only appropriate responses to male-only clubs and organizations. Wouldn’t it be better for girls to have a choice in scouting organizations? According to the Girl Scouts, no way…

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