Hmm: Study indicates Obamacare has increased wait times for ambulances

Hmm: Study indicates Obamacare has increased wait times for ambulances
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[Ed. – Although this is worth passing on to you, I’m a tad skeptical about the cause and effect posited.  I’m not convinced there are so many more people with “coverage” now that it would be putting a strain on ambulance service.  But it’s an interesting data point to hang onto, and see if more related information comes out.]

If you do call the 911 emergency services, then you’ll be waiting longer than you would have before President Obama’s signature healthcare reform was implemented.

How much longer? On average, close to 20 percent more, according to new research from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

To be more precise, you’ll spend an average of one minute and 53 seconds more time waiting for an emergency vehicle than you would have before the ACA was in place, according to the paper, The Affordable Care Act and Ambulance Response Times, by researchers at Georgia State University and the University of Colorado at Denver. …

A couple of minutes might sound like a short time when you are waiting for a cappuccino, but if you are suffering cardiac arrest it could be the difference between life and death.

“A one-minute increase in response time increases mortality risk for all emergencies by 8 to 17 percent,” the report adds, citing other research. …

The news from the report gets worse. The study cites “strong evidence” that the ACA resulted in fewer ambulances arriving within the emergency medical system’s standard of eight minutes.

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