Why ESPN’s utter insanity over ‘Robert Lee’ matters

Why ESPN’s utter insanity over ‘Robert Lee’ matters
Another Cavalier play bites the dust in UVA's rivalry loss to Virginia Tech in 2016. (Image: Screen grab of ESPN video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Is that author insinuating that announcer Lee’s ethnicity increases the foolishness of the decision to assign him to cover a different game? If so, why?]

As a commentator, I pride myself on almost never taking advantage of the low hanging fruit. I try never to write a column unless my take on the subject is likely to be one which will not be overwhelmingly voiced by others more prominent than me.

I must make an exception, however, with the utterly bizarre and hyper-politically correct decision by ESPN to move an announcer off of a University of Virginia football game simply because his name is Robert Lee. Even though the negative reaction to this obvious absurdity has been extreme and universal, I think that there are some things about this situation which are still in need of being said.

First though, the elements of this which are self-evident: The concept that an Asian-American broadcaster named Robert Lee needed to be removed from a University of Virginia football telecast because there is currently a controversy in Charlottesville over a statue of General Robert E. Lee (no relation!) is an idea which is clearly very stupid and, frankly, extremely juvenile. …

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