Classic: Companies fleeing Trump over politics are still doing business with Iran

Classic: Companies fleeing Trump over politics are still doing business with Iran
Boeing signs on to help Iran ferry troops and weapons to Syria. (Image: Screen grab of CNBC video, YouTube)

[Ed. – So much for those deeply held principles.  My question: have the companies, in their high dudgeon, also sworn off visits to the federal money trough?]

Major U.S. companies such as airplane manufacturer Boeing, General Electric, and industrial company Caterpillar all issued public statements distancing themselves from President Donald Trump over what they viewed as his failure to adequately condemn the recent riots in Charlottesville, where far-right white nationalists and neo-Nazis clashed with leftist counter-protestors.

While each company was quick to distance itself from the Trump administration and condemn the open racism and bigotry on display in Charlottesville, all three of the corporations continue to do business with Iran, an openly anti-Semitic regime that threatens to murder Jewish people and endorses leading racists such as David Duke.

All of these corporations also have refused to sign on to pledges to refrain from doing business with Iran due to the regime’s pursuit of nuclear arms and continued sponsorship of terrorism, including operations targeting U.S. forces.

The failure of these companies to shun business with Iran has prompted criticism by United Against Nuclear Iran, or UANI, a prominent watchdog organization working to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

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