Left-wing assassination fantasies spill over into real violence

Left-wing assassination fantasies spill over into real violence
Image: YouTube screen grab

[Ed. – Scary.]

“I hope Trump is assassinated!” soon-to-be former State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal wrote on Facebook.

She is now being investigated by the Secret Service. Even some Democrats are calling for the lawmaker to resign. Unfortunately, her remarks are just the tip of the left-wing meltdown that is turning into real and worsening violence.

Don’t believe me? Then you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

Police indicted more than 200 rioters from the violent protests surrounding President Trump’s inauguration. The riots injured six police officers and caused millions of dollars of damage. Some of the protesters face felony charges and covered their faces to hide their identities. Good ideas flourish in the sunlight. You don’t need a black mask if you have a point.

We’re dealing with cowards that deserve our scorn, not World War II vetswho defeated the Third Reich.

… Left-wing violence is on the rise. Even Noam Chomsky sees the incredible lengths they’ve gone to, calling Antifa a “major gift to the right.” Peter Beinhart wrote in the Atlantic about the rise of the “violent left” even as he chided President Trump’s interpretation of the group.

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