The Left falsely brands Boston free speech rally as ‘white supremacist’ rally

The Left falsely brands Boston free speech rally as ‘white supremacist’ rally
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[Ed. – And now a word from your favorite fake news source.]

Thousands of people protested against an alleged “white supremacist” rally in Boston on Saturday.

Multiple outlets, journalists, politicians and other public figures declared that the event that drew an estimated 40,000 people to protest against was racist in nature.

ThinkProgress covered the rally with this headline, “White supremacist rally fizzles, overtaken by massive anti-racism march.” The story mocked the idea that it was a “free speech” rally, stated that there it would draw “attendees from the same white supremacist groups that marched on Charlottesville last weekend,” and that some Klansmen had announced they would attend the rally.

In a viral tweet that was retweeted over 50,000 times, musician Mikel Jollet said, “The hate speech rally in Boston has about 100 white supremacists and TWENTY THOUSAND peaceful protestors…”

The mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, also stated that the event was intended to spread a “message of hate.”

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