The real meaning behind Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House

The real meaning behind Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House

[Ed. – Allen West is pretty much spot-on here.  With Bannon out, it’s a serious question whether Gorka and Miller will survive — and in any case, Bannon’s departure means that no one can be sure what the Trump agenda is now.  Trump could address that himself.  But he’s pretty much stopped communicating about his policy priorities in recent weeks.]

The outward appearance and perception, is that the swamp has won and President Trump will move further away from what enabled him to pull off an incredible upset victory. …

And there are even Republicans who’ve joined sides with the liberal progressive leftists in thwarting what American people voted for last November. … But it’s the policy direction of this White House which should cause concern. And this is what Mr. Bannon has brought to our attention with his statement. Where does the Trump White House go from here? …

[A]ny leader needs guiding principles and values. Let’s hope President Donald J. Trump isn’t about to demonstrate that he’s just like all the rest: another politician saying what’s necessary to get elected.

Do I think Mr. Bannon’s position will be filled? Nope.

The real meaning behind Mr. Bannon’s departure is that no one really knows what President Trump’s agenda is. But we do know those closest to him do not share an ideological philosophy of governance consistent with Constitutional Conservatism.

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