Missouri Democrat finally apologizes to Trump for assassination comment

Missouri Democrat finally apologizes to Trump for assassination comment
Maria Chappelle-Nadal (Image: Wikimedia Commons) Read more: http://conservativefiringline.com/missouri-senator-promotes-theory-that-cops-are-killing-ferguson-protesters/#ixzz4gOqMsggQ

[Ed. – This is a followup to last Thursday’s story about Missouri State Rep. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who wrote on Facebook that she hoped the president would be assassinated. Although she apologized, over the weekend the phrase ‘I hope Trump is assassinated’ trended on Twitter. She still has much to feel proud of.]

Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal apologized on Sunday for a Facebook post that hoped for the assassination of President Donald Trump, saying, “I made a mistake.”

But the Democrat, who has faced a deafening chorus of critics insisting she should resign, did not indicate any willingness to do so.

At a news conference at Wellspring Church in Ferguson on Sunday, she said she had made a mistake and let others down. She had said much the same last week, but on Sunday she went further, apologizing to the president.

“President Trump, I apologize to you and your family,” she said.

She extended that contrition to all Missourians and her colleagues in the state Legislature.

“I am a servant of God, and I am a servant of the people I represent. And I failed them both recently,” Chappelle-Nadal said. “I have learned my lesson.”

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