Dartmouth prof defends Antifa: It’s just self-defense against Nazis

Dartmouth prof defends Antifa: It’s just self-defense against Nazis
Mark Bray (Image: YouTube screen grab via NBC News)

[Ed. – Reinforcing the hopelessly naïve views many of his students likely harbor.]

This may be the first time in TV history that someone from the Southern Poverty Law Center was booked to argue with the far left instead of the far — and usually not-so-far — right. Good for them for doing it, though. The counterpoints to this Antifa idiocy are more effective here coming from a liberal than from a conservative. If it’s a conservative versus Antifa, that’s standard left/right noise to the average viewer. If it’s the SPLC versus Antifa, that’s a signal that Antifa should be considered a radical outfit. Which, of course, they are.

The most pitiful thing about Bray’s apologetics is how obviously they mirror alt-right and traditional Nazi arguments. We need a muscular response to defend good people from this extreme threat, huffs Bray. That’s what brownshirts said about Bolshevists in 1930s Germany and what the alt-right says about Antifa and Black Lives Matter now. Asked about censorship, Bray insists that Antifa opposes any government efforts to silence speech. Of course they do; that’s the politic line to take for PR purposes when you don’t control the government and are seeking power.

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