Psychologist claims 2-year-olds can know if they’re transgender

Psychologist claims 2-year-olds can know if they’re transgender
Diane Ehrensaft (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – She’d probably argue that they know this information in the womb, but then she’d have to concede that human fetuses are more than just a cluster of  cells.]

A licensed psychologist, university professor and director of mental health for children says a two-year-old can discern if he or she is transgender.

Diane Ehrensaft of the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) advocates for “gender fluidity.” In an interview with the Associated Press, Ehrensaft proclaimed, “We expect a two-year-old to know ‘I am boy.’ ‘I am girl.’ So why can’t that also apply to transgender children?”

Ehrensaft, the co-founder and director of mental health at UCSF’s Child and Adolescent Gender Center, teaches that parents should be comfortable supporting their child in a “gender variant journey.” She advocates “throw(ing) out the idea that gender nonconformity is a disorder” and encourages parents to enable their children to “transition” to the opposite sex.

For instance, Ehrensaft tells parents that if their son wants to wear dresses, they should buy dresses for him. She emphasizes watching the child’s gender curiosity and noting any gender frustration to determine if they are trans.

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