Michael Moore admits: ‘Donald Trump outsmarted us all’

Michael Moore admits: ‘Donald Trump outsmarted us all’
Michael Moore (left) and Seth Meyers (Image: MRCTV video screen grab)

[Ed. – Not much of an admission coming from a guy who could be outsmarted by a lamppost.]

Promoting his one-man anti-Trump Broadway show on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers early Friday morning, left-wing activist Michael Moore admitted the reality of the President’s 2016 election victory: “You have to say, ‘Donald Trump outsmarted us all.’ And then deal with the throw-up that’s in your mouth….It’s the truth.”

Earlier in the exchange, Meyers promoted: “…one of the things in your show is the 12-step program for helping people sort of deal with this Trump presidency. And you’ve just added a another step.” Moore replied: “Yes, yes. The new step, I just added it last night, was we have to sober the [expletive] up…. What I mean by that is we have to keep – ‘Oh, he’s going to be impeached’…every time something happens….he’s not going anywhere.”

The leftist filmmaker lamented: “This guy gets away with everything. He’s – the Republicans, I’m sorry to say this, they’re not going to impeach him.”

Hoping for the President to be found guilty of a crime, Moore remarked: “Mueller, the special prosecutor, he can’t indict the president – I mean, he can be indicted after he’s impeached.”…

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