HuffPo keeps it classy with send-off to Bannon: ‘Goy, bye!’

HuffPo keeps it classy with send-off to Bannon: ‘Goy, bye!’

[Ed. – These things never go well.  As NewsBusters notes, even Keith Olbermann thought this one went off the rails.  In trying to explain its plan here, HuffPo just comes off like the apologists for the alt-right-ish slogan “Da goyim know,” which one sees on some of their rally signs, and is supposedly a sort of send-up of accusations about anti-Semitism.  Just: no.  Matthew 5:37.]

The Huffington Post raised eyebrows with their shade-throwing at departing White House strategist Steve Bannon. Their first headline on their home page read “GOY, BYE!” The Jewish word for a non-Jew is usually not seen as derogatory, but it sounded derogatory in this usage.

The reporter of the piece was Sam Levine. His funniest paragraphs was this: “Bannon also gave a bizarre interview this week to The American Prospect, a progressive publication, calling white supremacists a “collection of clowns” and contradicted Trump’s military threats to North Korea.” The HuffPost thinks it’s bizarre to mock white supremacists?

Linguistically, the HuffPost was in sync with white-supremacist anti-Semite David Duke, who tweeted in the same time frame, implying Jared & Ivanka were the end of Bannon: “(((They))) are no longer behind the curtain – in your face, Goy!”

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