Die now cast? Maduro’s socialists seize power from opposition-led National Assembly

Die now cast? Maduro’s socialists seize power from opposition-led National Assembly
Fraternal affection. Obama and Chavez meet in April 2009. Dictator-in-waiting Nicolas Maduro is in the background. (Image via VenezuelaAnalysis.com)

[Ed. – This is the formal move.  It’s been seen coming for a while now, and we can assume Maduro and his backers — including some 15,000 Cuban intelligence and paramilitary “advisors” — have prepared for it.  No way to preview from here how hard the opposition will fight.  But if you want something to think about, consider that the prelude to all this was an army of Chavez/Maduro street thugs behaving exactly like Antifa, in the 2000s and early 2010s.]

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly says it has assumed all of the powers of the opposition-led National Assembly [Venezuela’s congress], thereby placing all control of the failing country in the hands of the socialist party and President Nicolas Maduro. From the Miami Herald:

The assembly, or ANC, said it would be assuming legislative functions to “preserve peace, security and sovereignty.”…

Congressional President Julio Borges told El Nuevo Herald that the ANC is “fraudulent” and that its actions shouldn’t be recognized by congress or the international community.

The new body “is doing exactly what the entire world warned it would do,” he said, “installing a dictatorship in Venezuela.”


At the end of March Venezuela’s Supreme Court, which is packed with socialists loyal to President Nicolas Maduro, announced it was usurping the power of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, exactly like what happened today.

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