Bradley U. (IL) tells fat students not to lose weight; could be ‘dangerous’

Bradley U. (IL) tells fat students not to lose weight; could be ‘dangerous’

[Ed. – It would be unbelievable, except that it’s not.]

Bradley University is telling fat people not to lose weight because it could be “dangerous,” according to a project developed by the school’s Women’s Studies Program.

The “Body Project,” created to fight against “fatism” and “weight discrimination,” essentially tells students just that — don’t lose weight because it could be “dangerous” and cause an “increased risk of death.”

In their section on “The Truth about Fat and Health,” feminist professors argue that weight loss methods such as dieting and exercise “pose serious health risks” and that “the cure for obesity [is] worse than the condition itself.”

Without citing any studies on the potentially FATAL consequences of obesity, the feminist profs argue that “the data linking fat with death and the data showing losing weight to be healthy are limited, fragmentary, and often ambiguous” and that weight loss can result in an “increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease.”

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