Why aren’t young men into breasts?

Why aren’t young men into breasts?
OK, granted they're turned off by some boobs.

[Ed. – It sounds pretty improbable to us, too, but how can you distrust research carried out Pornhub?]

Are boobs on the outs? This seems to be the case for millennials, at least in regards to their porn-viewing habits. New data released by Pornhub has revealed a rather distinct generational trend regarding our cultural fondness for breasts.

Their data revealed the younger the generation, the less interested they are in women’s mammaries. The data exhibits young adults ages 18 to 24 are almost 20 percent less likely to search for breast-related content on the site whereas those 55 to 64 were 17 percent more likely. The age groups in between ascend as viewers age increases.

Don’t get me wrong: This by no means suggests breasts aren’t popular. “Big natural boobs” ranks fourth in overall searches on the site, and daily breast searches exceed millions. The figure just may not be as popular as you’d assume. On average, only 1.5 percent of daily searches on Porhub are boob-related. Of that 1.5 percent, 0.89 search for large breasts, 0.29 percent search for natural breasts, 0.09 percent search for small breasts, and fake breasts finish last with 0.06 percent. In fact, searches related to fake boobs don’t break the top 25 in breast-related searches.

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